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Eric Gerster and Mini Nunna

For nearly twenty years, Eric Gerster has built a successful career as an investment manager. This career has allowed him to lead a life in which he and his family can do many of the things that they enjoy most. The Gerster family is extremely grateful for this fact and recognizes that this places them in the fortunate position of being able to help others in need. For this reason, Eric and his wife, Mini, have devoted time and resources to several causes including healthcare, humanitarian aid in conflict zones around the world, education for underprivileged children, and higher education. This website is dedicated to featuring the work of various organizations that the Gerster family supports. Between 1993-1996, Eric Gerster volunteered as a mentor to underprivileged children, but eventually wanted to be involved at the Board level, advising and shaping programs from his experience as a mentor.

Between 1993-1996, Eric Gerster volunteered as a mentor to underprivileged children, but eventually wanted to be involved at the Board level, advising and shaping programs from his experience as a mentor. Here are some of the organizations with which he has since been involved.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is an organization that seeks to end poverty in New York City. It is a goal-oriented charity, self-funded by its Board of Directors, which donates to various organizations that it has evaluated as adept at translating funds into meaningful results. It was through his involvement in Robin Hood that Eric joined the Board of Graham Windham.

Graham Windham

Eric Gerster joined the Board of Directors of Graham Windham in 2008. In his own words,

My first exposure to Graham Windham was at the Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School.  This school, operated by staff of Graham Windham, is often the last chance for a child to get things turned around after they have failed in many other settings.  It was amazing to see the motivation of the teachers to help the children learn and catch up.  Many of the kids came in years behind their grade level in reading and math, yet were willing to work hard to catch up once they were given a chance.  I could see that these kids wanted to lead a normal life if only someone would give them an opportunity.  We often had different students come speak to us about their experiences at the Board Meetings.  These were uplifting stories of success and demonstrated to me the strength and devotion of the staff at Graham Windham.  They all cared so much about creating a positive home life for each child and offering them the opportunity of an education.  This was true not just of the students at the school, but also the foster kids and all the children in the child welfare system that came in contact with Graham Windham.  I was also impressed throughout my time with the dedication of the Board.”

To balance his other commitments, Eric left an incredibly active Board at Graham Windham in 2014, but continues to be involved however he can.

Boston College

Mini and Eric both graduated from Boston College and they are regular donors. Eric also contributes to the Jesuit community at Boston College.  In the past, Eric’s donations have helped to sponsor a Jesuit priest to study at Boston College for a few months.  Eric donates to BC in hopes that it will continue to provide the same overwhelmingly positive experience to current students and that others will recognize the strength and breadth of the academic programs.

Greenwich Hospital

Mini has co-chaired and served as a committee member for Greenwich Hospital’s Under the Stars fundraiser, which raises money for the hospital’s Pediatric Unit and its NICU. Eric and Mini’s oldest child spent several days in the Pediatric Unit with an illness and they were greatly comforted by the care from the doctors and nurses, calling it “second to none.”


A non-profit organization that provides emergency response and global health services to areas both in the United States and across the globe. Eric and Mini’s interest in AmeriCares began as a commitment to its programs in India, and has since grown to include the entire organization.  Mini currently serves as a volunteer at the organization locally.

There is great value in involving one’s self in the support of charitable organizations, whether they are local, have ties to past experiences, or because it gives kids a chance for a successful outcome that might otherwise be unavailable to them. Check out these charities and more by clicking on their links.